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GREETINGS from Margaret Webb

After 45 years in the people-helping business, I’ve never been more excited about what I’m learning and the opportunities the Lord is bringing. Along with many other Christian psychotherapists and lay prayer ministers, my vision for emotional healing has expanded from a focus on wounds to a focus on restored capacity for joyfully connected relationships.

I had gotten used to thinking of inner healing as a way to get rid of pain caused by the hard knocks of life in a fallen world.  But that’s not a big enough goal. I now see that we can aim directly for “the JOY of the Lord” and experience the strength that is promised.

Nehemiah 8:10  “Do not grieve for the JOY of the Lord is your strength.”

The more we understand about how the brain develops the capacity for relationship and how painful experiences are processed, the more effectively we can design experiences that heal and grow us. I’m grateful to Dr. Karl and Charlotte  Lehman and Dr. James Wilder who have developed the Immanuel Approach, a process of connecting with the interactive presence of Jesus, the God Who is With Us.  


Immanuel Prayer Training

Our Alive and Well Immanuel Training Program involves two courses, Immanuel Lifestyle in the spring and Immanuel Prayer Minister Training in the fall.   The Lifestyle course provides students with an intellectual and experiential understanding of joy and appreciation, secure attachment, and relational connection.    Everyone who desires to increase intimacy with the Lord, remain connected to him even in difficult life circumstances, and to discern his ongoing guidance is encouraged to take the Immanuel Lifestyle course.

Many of the Lifestyle students are interested in serving others as Immanuel Prayer Ministers in a variety of contexts, including church prayer ministry, spiritual direction, professional counseling, coaching and small groups.   With the Lifestyle course as a prerequisite, we offer the Immanuel Prayer Minister Training, designed specifically to teach, demonstrate, and give mentored practice in guiding someone else into an Immanuel Prayer experience.  Visit our Training Page to learn about current training offerings.

Visit our Vimeo site to view the 2013 Lifestyle Course training videos and access the course materials.   You will find the 2013 Prayer Minister training videos on our Blog.  You will also find students’ stories of how Immanuel has impacted their lives.

In addition to this material, check out two books: Share Immanuel by Jim Wilder and Chris Coursey, and Outsmarting Yourself by Karl Lehman, MD. Outsmarting Yourself is about ‘Catching your past invading your present and what to do about it.’ You will learn the brain science behind the development of our relational strengths and weaknesses. It will “enable you to understand the people in your world, including yourself, and give you realistic, psychologically sound, and Christ-centered tools for becoming a joyful, life-giving person with thriving relationships” (quoted from the book cover). This material is fresh and dramatically empowering.

Connect with Dr. Karl Lehman on his new website called The Immanuel Approach ( This new website is focused specifically on Immanuel, whereas his original website ( has the full library of his extensive professional writing over many years.  The Immanuel Approach website will help a great deal to introduce people to Immanuel, learn about the Lehman’s conference appearances, order Immanuel materials, and much more.  We’re grateful for this new resource.

I’m also excited about THRIVEConnexus (formerly known as Thriving Recovery), and The Life Model, and Joy Starts Here all programs being developed under the mentoring wisdom of Dr. Wilder and informed by cutting edge brain science. I’m delighted that you share with me a passion and calling to see wounds healed, relational capacity matured, and authentic JOY flowing through God’s family.