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The Webbs

Jerry and Margaret began life together in the turbulent decade of the 1970's, spiritually confused, culturally disenfranchised, and broke. Their marriage has been the anvil on which the Lord in his mercy has hammered out a deep bond of love, a productive working relationship, and a zest for life that energizes those around them. Jerry, a successful financial advisor, and Margaret, a Christian psychotherapist, have between them 80 years of people-helping experience in two challenging arenas: relationship to money and relationship to God, self, and others.

Both were raised in committed Christian homes, Jerry in Tulsa, OK and Margaret in Wheaton, IL. But each walked away in their early 20's searching for spirituality with depth of authenticity, commitment, and intimacy. Together they were led back to the Christian faith and still continue that journey toward authentic spirituality, all out commitment in faith and practice, and a life of intimacy with the God who is with us, Immanuel.

As they approach the transition formerly known as retirement, they see an opportunitiy to advance into a new era of giving back. They are excited about having more time and resources to invest in ministry.

More - Jerry's history, business and ministry activities.

More - Margaret's history and ministry involvements.

Jerry & Margaret at Work, Play and at Home in Arkansas

Board of Directors

Jerry Webb


Jerry might be the wackiest serious businessman we know. If you've ever seen him in action in Arkansas or watched his Survivor application video (YouTube link coming) or caught some of his wacky photo ops, you know what we mean.

But he is also a serious, committed professional who built a successful financial planning and investment advisory business from the ground up, based it on scriptural principles of finance and relationship, and has survived every up and down, boom and crash for over 40 years.

Jerry's passion is to promote charitable giving, both by sharing the vision for joyful giving and by creating vehicles through which sacrificial giving can flow. He believes that financial health has more to do with relationship to money than amounts of money, and that scripture is the key to growing into that healthy relationship.

He enjoys serving on ministry boards to lend his expertise in financial management, investments, and charitable foundations. He is a founding board member of Kingdom Advisors, an organization conceived by Larry Burkett and currently a network of financial advisors, accountants, and other professionals committed to uphold a scriptural standard in their lives and work.

From 1997 to 2013 he served on the Board of Directors of Overseas Council International (OCI), a major donor organization that partners with Bible colleges and seminaries in the developing world with the goal of "Advancing Christian leaders across the globe." He and Margaret have traveled to partner schools in China, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Peru and sponsored seminary students in Jamaica.

He also served on the board of Juna Amagara Ministries, an organization that is saving the lives of AIDS orphans in Uganda by providing homes and schooling. JAM is the ministry of our dear friend Dr. Ben Tumuheirwe, a Ugandan pastor and a dynamo who has accomplished more with every dollar than anyone we have ever seen before. A vital part of his ministry is conducting life changing mission trips for American Christians to visit his radiant kids in his beautiful country.

Visit Money & Stewardship to learn about Alive & Well projects.

Margaret Webb

Board Member/Immanual Prayer Trainer

Margaret began her career in people-helping at age 16 as an aide in a nursing home and went on to follow her Grandmother Muir into nursing, inspired by stories of her adventures as a missionary nurse in China and Tibet. Exploratory and adventuresome herself, her quest for spiritual and emotional wholeness took many twists and turns; a decade of nursing; studying the emerging field of Humanistic psychology in the 60's and early 70's; plunging into the New Age Movement in the mid 70's; launching a holistic health practice of alternative medicine and massage therapy in 1978; and finally, after a personal encounter with the living God, returning to Christianity.

At that point, the Holy Spirit went to work to bring cleansing and restoration, a painful, glorious process of healing that formed the foundation for her ministry of health and wholeness to others. She received her Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College Graduate School in 1988 and spent 12 years in private practice as a Christian psychotherapist, retiring in the year 2000.

Since then she has devoted herself to a ministry of emotional healing and maturation in the context of prayer. Teaching, training, mentoring and consulting, she is committed to the vision of a network of lay and professional people-helpers bringing the care of souls into the local church.

Visit the Prayer Ministry section to discover Margaret's ministry involvements, her Immanuel Prayer training, and the many resources she recommends.

Keith Davis

Board Member

Keith Davis has been a student and participant in healing prayer since 2008. He has seen and experienced much healing during the years since becoming involved with Alive and Well's Immanuel Prayer Training. Keith helps coordinate Immanuel Prayer appointments at his home church, Church of the Resurrection, in Wheaton, IL. This ministry has prayed for 8-10 people per month over the last three years.

Keith's business experience includes almost 25 years in Industrial Engineering and 12 years in Project Management in various industries, along with training in business (Elmhurst College, BS BA), pastoral care (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), and a Master's Certificate in Project Management (George Washington University).

Keith was raised in a Christian home and, barring a few years of separation from the church in the tumultuous 70's, he has faithfully served the church in roles varying from janitorial to Bible study/small group leader, Sunday School teacher, Church treasurer, deacon, elder and nursery coordinator.

After raising three boys with Lori, his wife of 38 years, Keith is now a grandfather. His family remains at the top of his priority list and increases his joy capacity on a daily basis.

Paul Ericksen

Board Member

Paul first experienced Immanuel Prayer in 2011 and soon became an Immanuel Prayer facilitator at Church of the Resurrection, where he attends. He and his wife Phyllis have co-led the Connexus Restarting class at Resurrection since 2011. They’ve also led Forming, and they co-hosted the Immanuel Lifestyle DVD class for the first time in 2016. Leading these classes side-by-side with Phyllis is gratifying for Paul, and occasionally amusing. It also allows them to introduce participants to Alive and Well’s Immanuel classes.

Paul is a leader in Resurrection’s Young Children and Worship children’s ministry. This imagination-oriented, right-brain inclined curriculum teaches the great stories of the Old Testament and Gospels, incorporating wonder and creative response. Like Immanuel Lifestyle, YCaW allows for deepening the experiential connection with Jesus. As Paul puts it, “I appreciate the relationships with the children as we worship and they learn to respond to Scripture. I’m not just facilitating their worship—I worship too, and find that the stories often speak with immediacy and force that adult sermons sometimes lack.”

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art, Paul worked with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of the Philippines in Manila (1976-1978). He graduated from Wheaton College Graduate School with an MA in Intercultural Studies in 1982. Since then he has been an archivist at the Billy Graham Center, becoming Director of the Archives in 2002 and Interim Executive Director from 2013 to 2016. Paul’s many roles are marked by common threads of creativity, attuning to the people around him, leading, and having fun.

Paul has been married to Phyllis since 1979, raised three boys who brought three daughters-in-law into the family, followed by six grandchildren. Paul loves the desert, camping, reading, and watching international films. While still part Filipino, he is also a refugee from Wisconsin who gladly cheers on the Green Bay Packers and other Wisconsin causes (i.e., cheese, more snow, etc.).

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Perry Bigelow

Perry Bigelow has been a homebuilder for more than 35 years. He is best known for founding Bigelow Homes, which has been winning awards for three decades. Perry has been very intentional about aligning his business values with his Christian faith. He is now a global leader in residential energy conservation, and Bigelow Homes has been highly praised for its affordable, relationship-friendly neighborhood design.

Perry discovered Immanuel Prayer in 2012 and took Alive and Well’s Immanuel Prayer Training in 2013. He was deeply impacted by what he experienced. “For those of us who have difficult perceiving the presence of Jesus,” he says, “Immanuel Prayer is a Godsend. It is changing my life!” Perry has continued his involvement ever since. “In my generation,” he explains, “truth was discovered propositionally. I was satisfied with C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, and others’ explanations. Those guys anchored my faith. But for me, the truth of Christianity wasn’t verified by experience until I got involved in Immanuel Prayer. The younger generation – which is always the future of the church – needs to be anchored in their own faith in Christ. Because modern culture is teaching our youth that truth is relative and is discovered experientially, propositional truth needs to be verified by experience, and the church needs to provide the structure to help people experience God. That’s why Immanuel Prayer is the future of the church.”

Gary and Linda Churchill

Having both grown up in the northern suburbs of Chicago, Gary and Linda Churchill met at University of Illinois, where Linda was finishing her medical dietetics program and Gary was a first year medical student. The two were married in 1981, as Gary entered his third year of medical school, and eighteen months later, their first child, Christina, was born. Their second child, Matthew, was born during Gary’s residency in Detroit. The Churchills now live in Barrington, Illinois, where Gary established his surgical practice in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. They have three exceptional (of course!) grandchildren.

Throughout their marriage Gary and Linda have pursued spiritual matters – or perhaps it was God pursuing them. Together, they attended the Christos spiritual director’s training program, graduating in 2011. During that time, they were introduced to Immanuel prayer ministry and started attending classes through Alive & Well. Currently they both serve as mentors for the Immanuel Lifestyle Class and Immanuel Prayer Minister Training. Gary and Linda are also involved in and facilitate small groups for How We Love, a marriage and relationship ministry that is rooted in attachment theory and shares many of the same principles as the Immanuel process.

Gary and Linda are so thankful for the continued emotional healing and growth they’ve found through Immanuel Prayer: “The Immanuel lifestyle and Immanuel prayer have revolutionized the way we both see and understand God. Knowing God is no longer just a mental exercise but an interactive, relational experience. Immanuel has also helped us in other areas of our lives: we are able to connect better with one another in our marriage, resolve conflicts quicker, and experience greater joy as a couple; we have seen our outside relationships with family and friends improve; and we have increased capacity to deal with the stresses of living in this modern world.”

Diane Eble

Diane Eble gave her life to Jesus at age 15. She got a good grounding for her faith through involvement with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a college student at the University of Connecticut, where she was a University Scholar and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in English. For the next 32 years she has had a career in publishing as an editor, author (11 books), marketer, and publishing coach.

In 2007 she experienced the miraculous healing of a hole in her heart. Since then she has been learning and practicing various methods of healing prayer. Her online healing ministry has grown to include clients in 31 countries. In 2012 she was introduced to Immanuel Prayer at a Deeper Walk conference and immediately knew this was something she wanted to pursue.

She took the online Lifestyle training and enrolled in the Prayer Minister training right away. Whenever possible, she incorporates Immanuel Prayer in her work with clients. One client, who was not yet a believer, came to Jesus through receiving Immanuel Prayer! Diane says it's been the thrill of her life to watch Jesus himself disciple this young believer who is even telling others about her relationship with him. Diane is passionate about sharing Immanuel through her writing and work with clients.

"I am amazed at how, when people's 'heart issues' heal, they are very open to Jesus. I have never seen anything cause such profound healing and growth in every way like Immanuel Prayer. Connecting people to Jesus is the best thing anyone can do for them. I am continually blown away by what Jesus does. Immanuel Prayer offers people the most profound and lasting healing on the deepest level, as it connects people with the true Healer."

Wai-Chin Matsuoka

Wai-Chin Matsuoka was born and raised in Singapore and came to the U.S. in 1985. A chronic health condition completely transformed her relationship with God. Unable to do much physically, she discovered how deeply her identity and worth had been tied to performance. She finally grasped the meaning of Paul’s words, “When I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Cor. 12:9), discovering a new integration of body, mind, and spirit. Now she worships God with all of her body and senses.

Wai-Chin trained in the Formational Prayer model and completed their advanced course in childhood trauma, addiction and abuse. After God made clear his specific call into the ministry of spiritual direction, she completed her certificate of Spiritual Direction at Christos Center for Spiritual Direction in 2003. She still teaches a Christos class on The Body and Prayer and also finds great satisfaction in hosting Soul-Tending Retreats. Wai-Chin believes that the meditations and prayer experiences she facilitates whet the appetites of the retreatants for the great feast of meeting God and awaken their desires for deeper intimacy with God.

In the arena of Immanuel Prayer, Wai-Chin has been mentored by Margaret Webb since 2005 and has been part of the Alive and Well mentor team ever since. She uses Immanuel Prayer as a tool for healing and transformation in her Spiritual Direction practice and teaches Immanuel Lifestyle in small groups. She also has a passion to train prayer facilitators through teaching, supervising, and mentoring. Wai-Chin feels blessed to minister under the umbrella of Alive and Well because of the high value the founders and Director of Training place on a sustainable pace of ministry, relational joy rather than just accomplishing ministry, tenderness towards weakness, and engaging the Immanuel Presence in the communal life of the ministry.

Rusty Popp

Rusty Popp is a founding partner and the managing broker of Henninger Popp, Ltd., a real estate company in the greater Chicagoland area. He specializes in analysis and management oversight of various classes of investment properties. After growing up on a dairy farm, Rusty moved to the Chicago suburbs, where he now lives with his family.

Rusty was raised in a Christian home, where he developed a passion for missions and giving. His missions work has taken him throughout Eastern Europe, especially the Balkans. He currently serves in his local church, as well as on various missions, school, and foundation boards. Rusty and Jerry Webb have had a long personal and business relationship of mutual respect and shared vision. Rusty says, “Giving is a great way to see God work in our lives, tangibly and often miraculously. Through Alive and Well, Jerry equips people with Biblical wisdom and sound financial advice, so they can experience God’s presence through joyful giving.”

Sue Sather

Sue Sather has been active in her Omaha, NE church as a lay counselor, healing prayer facilitator and Women’s Bible study leader since the late 1990’s. Sue was introduced to Immanuel Prayer in 2007 when Ed Khouri came to Omaha to train Restarting facilitators. She had been team teaching an “Introduction to the Life Model” and was eager to learn more from Shepherd’s House. Her hunger for more led her to work long distance with David Takle to help pilot Forming at her church. She began traveling to Life Model Works events and met Jessie and Margaret in 2013.

After immersing herself in Alive and Well online videos, Sue piloted the Lifestyle video course at her church. She consulted with Jessie to train as an Immanuel Prayer facilitator and to become a trainer. Sue put together the Immanuel Prayer brochure to help church friends better grasp Alive and Well’s Immanuel training options.

Sue has been in full-time ministry all of her adult life. After graduating with a B.S. in Dietetics from University of Texas, Austin, she moved to Ames, IA for staff training with The Navigators. That’s where she met her husband Bob. Together they’ve served in a variety of ministry roles including campus director in Kobe, Japan. Sue is deeply grateful for the extensive ministry training and experience she’s received through her 36 years with The Navigators.

Sue is a lifelong learner. She earned a certificate in Spiritual Direction in 2014 and will complete her Thrive Track 3 training in 2016. Sue’s passionate about creating environments where individuals and groups engage with Immanuel for greater intimacy, healing and transformation. She continues to lead Forming, Restarting, Joy Starts Here and Immanuel Lifestyle training groups. Currently she’s developing a 2 semester women’s Bible Study curriculum based on the Joyful Journey.

Sue enjoys music, family meals when her adult children come to visit, dancing with her granddaughter and tending her flower garden.

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