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Margaret Webb and Jessica Handy, Immanuel Prayer Trainers

IMMANUEL PRAYER is connecting personally and interactively with the Lord and removing barriers and hindrances to an intimate, interactive lifestyle of connection with Him. The goal is to build and deepen a securely attached relationship with the Lord, one that increases capacity to stay connected to Him, even in difficult life situations or painful memories.


2015 Immanuel Training Courses                                         

Immanuel Lifestyle

Prayer Minister Training

Facilitator Practicum



Immanuel Lifestyle Training

Immanuel Lifestyle Training is an eight-week introductory training program that includes classroom teaching, dyad/triad exercises, and small group Immanuel experiences. This course is intended for those who want to increase their ability to recognize and experience God’s presence, grow in intimacy with Him, deepen and mature their relationships with others, and continue their own healing.  The Lifestyle Class provides students with an intellectual and experiential understanding of joy and appreciation, secure attachment, and connection with the Lord.

Curriculum Topics Include:

  • Relational Circuits
  • Securely Attached Relationship
  • Connecting with God
  • Trauma and Capacity
  • The “Big Six” Negative Emotions
  • Returning to Joy

Lifestyle students interested in serving others as Immanuel Prayer Ministers may then continue on to take Prayer Minister Training, which is designed specifically to teach, demonstrate and give mentored practice in guiding someone else into an Immanuel experience. Teaching videos and handouts from the most recent class can be found on our blog.

2015 Immanuel Lifestyle in Chicago

A Chicago Immanuel Lifestyle class is in the works. More information TBA. Indicate interest by emailing

2015 Immanuel Lifestyle in the Western Suburbs

Please contact us if finances are an issue for you.



Lifestyle '14 West


Immanuel Prayer Ministry Training

Immanuel Prayer Ministry Training is geared to those who want to learn to offer Immanuel Prayer to others in a setting like a church prayer ministry, a mental health professional practice, a Thriving Recovery Group leadership, or in conjunction with another healing ministry such as spiritual direction or small groups. The training will build on the skills learned in the Lifestyle Training and will include how to guide the process for a recipient and how to handle blocks to experiencing the presence of Jesus. The structure of the class will incorporate classroom teaching, live demonstrations, dyad/triad exercises, and mentored small group practice.  The Immanuel Lifestyle Class is a prerequisite to Prayer Minister Training.

Curriculum Topics Include:

  • Capacity, Joy, and Securely Attached Relationship
  • Guiding the Connection Process
  • Deepening the Connection Process
  • The 5 Brain Levels
  • “Reading” the Body
  • Handling Blocks to Connecting with Jesus  

2015 Immanuel Prayer Minister Training – Chicago

This training has been completed for 2014 and will likely be offered again in 2015. To request email updates with registration information when new classes are offered, contact Teaching videos and handouts from the most recent class can be found on our blog.

2015 Immanuel Prayer Minister Training – Western Suburbs

All of our Prayer Minister Training courses for 2014 are either in progress or completed. We will probably offer this course again in the Wheaton area in the fall of 2015. To request email updates with registration information when new classes are offered, contact Teaching videos and handouts from last fall’s class can be found on our blog.



Immanuel Facilitator Practicum  

Immanuel Facilitator Practicum is for students who’ve taken Prayer Minister (PM) Training and want to continue developing their facilitator skills with feedback from one of our most experienced mentors. This four-week, four-person small group allows each participant to facilitate, receive and observe ministry. Because mentor feedback is targeted to students’ experience, skill levels, and session content, each practicum is unique. All sessions count toward the recommended preparation hours for facilitators, and students may sign up for more than one practicum. Join a practicum in formation or find your own group of four PM Training graduates and set up a practicum together. Class dates and times determined by student and mentor availability. Contact for more information. 

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Parenting With Joy: A Hands-On Immanuel Workshop is not just for parents but for aunts and uncles, teachers, and anyone else who spends time with children. Designed and led by parents, grandparents and educators, this workshop will explore and apply Immanuel principles of joy, appreciation, and attunement through teaching and hands-on exercises. This workshop is open to all. Registration fee ($40 individual / $60 married couple) includes teaching notes and resources, coffee and snacks.

  • 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, January 24, 2015
  • Church of the Resurrection, Wheaton (map)

Download registration: 2015 Parenting Joy Reg Form

Download flyer to print or email to friends: 2015 Parenting Joy Flyer

Parenting Joy


Working With a Difficult Connection: Margaret Webb, retired psychotherapist and founder of the Alive and Well Immanuel Training Program, will offer live demonstrations of Immanuel Prayer and lead debrief discussion afterwards. This workshop is open to all but will be especially valuable to those who have taken Prayer Minister Training and/or are facilitating Immanuel Prayer for others.

  • 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, January 31, 2015
  • Resurrection Anglican Church, West Chicago (map)
  • Cost: $40

Download registration: Difficult Connection Registration Form

Margaret and Deiry

See our blog for stories of people impacted by our Immanuel Training Program.


Related Training Programs

THRIVE Brain Skills Training

Learn about a program designed to train our brains in the 19 Joyful Relational Skills that are necessary for developing maturity in our relationships with God, with others and ourselves. This is a 3 year track of week-long trainings along with a workbook of ongoing practice throughout the year.

More information about 2014 Brain Skills Training: THRIVE Brain Skills Training scheduled for March 24-28 and July 14-18, 2014.

Connexus/Thriving: Recover Your Life

Connexus (formerly known as Thriving: Recover Your Life) is an innovative and comprehensive life training program comprised of 3 modules that will help you: learn skills to engage God in order to grow spiritually; recover from painful addictions, trauma and attachment pain; learn to create community and healthy relationships around you; discover how to experience the presence of God in a way that heals; experience how God can heal the barriers that we put up in our relationships.

Connexus/Thriving: Recover Your Life incorporates the latest advances in neuroscience with the Life Model concepts and the 19 relationship skills needed to thrive. This program is revolutionizing churches, recovery programs and other ministries all over the world.

Learn more: Connexus/Thriving: Recover Your Life

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