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Alive and Well Consults with Groups and Organizations to


  • Train groups in Immanuel Lifestyle and Immanuel Prayer Ministry
  • Integrate Immanuel Lifestyle principles and brain research into business and ministry settings
  • Prepare leaders to teach and use Immanuel in their own contexts
  • Consult with churches to develop an Immanuel Prayer Ministry


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Grace Church is a vibrant congregation in Noblesville, Indiana with a passion for reaching out to the community and world. We created a 2-day workshop to prepare Grace’s pastors and lay prayer ministers to facilitate Immanuel sessions, and to consider how intentionally cultivating connection with God could impact the various ministries of their congregation.

“Grace Church was looking for an approach that would equip our prayer team to minister more effectively to those in pain.  In researching Immanuel Prayer, we came across the Alive and Well videos.  The videos were so instructive that we knew we had to have the Alive and Well team train us.  They crafted a training that allowed us to get the basics ahead of time.  Their time with us was heavily experiential.  As a result, our team is equipped and confident to minister in Immanuel Prayer.  In the two short months since our training, we have seen many people experience the loving presence of God in a way that they never have before.  People have received healing words.  People have been changed.  I highly recommend Alive and Well to any who would desire a similar impact in their community.”

– Laurie Hartman, Director of Compassionate Care
– Greg Overby, Associate Pastor of Care Ministries



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New Moms Inc. equips struggling, impoverished adolescent parents (aged 13-24) and their children with the personal and workforce development tools they will need, to permanently change their life stories from chronic dependence on society, to economic independence and family stability. We introduced Immanuel Prayer concepts and tools to a few New Moms staff and to the Chicago Spiritual Formation Network, which New Moms hosts.

“I was so impressed with your presentation at our Chicago Formation Network.  Thank you for coming.  I want to delve deeper into your handout and suggested resources.”

– Ellen Kogstad, Founder and Director of Spiritual Formation for New Moms Inc., Leader of the Chicago Spiritual Formation Network, and Director of the Center for Spiritual Direction at North Park Seminary


LaCunaVinea provides faith-based retreats for Christian business and ministry leaders as well as ethics training for all types of organizations. We facilitated Immanuel experiences and training for their staff.


Prairie Financial Services is a fee-based financial planning firm that seeks to relieve the stress and confusion of finances from the lives of individuals and small businesses. We introduced Prairie leadership and staff to brain research on emotional and relational health, equipping them for increased effectiveness in personal and business relationships, creativity and productivity.


Bright Hope’s mission is to “bring Hope to those living on less than $1 a day,” envisioning a world where under-resourced, local, in-country churches transform their communities and bring Hope to the extreme poor. We helped Bright Hope’s mission team to provide Immanuel experiences and training for native Indians working with victims of human trafficking.