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Please enjoy browsing this eclectic assortment of Immanuel-related resources!

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Sign up to receive ministry in Carol Stream, IL from a trained Alive & Well Immanuel Prayer Minister (facilitator). Email Availability is limited. The ministry is offered free, but if the sessions are valuable to you, please consider making a donation to Alive & Well to help us keep training prayer ministers and/or giving a financial gift as a thank-you to your facilitator.


Alive & Well’s Immanuel Prayer Referral List

Dr. Karl Lehman’s Immanuel Network Directory



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Immanuel Brochure 



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Introduction to Immanuel Prayer


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Live Demonstrations of Immanuel Prayer Ministry


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Immanuel Testimonies


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Class Devotions (including Group Immanuel sessions)


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“Jesus is Emmanuel” YouTube video
(We did not create this.)

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Jim Wilder explaining and doing the RC Exercises



Photos from our classes

Fall '14 class (missing a few)

Google Plus album




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Wounds That Hinder Worship by Margaret M. Webb (Originally published in The Complete Library of Christian Worship)

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Looking at God Looking at You by Robert R. Marsh, SJ (On the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, but especially pertinent to Immanuel Prayer)


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Disappointment by Leren Chamberlain (From a support group teaching Leren gave, 2014)

IP in the Therapy Room image

Immanuel Prayer in the Therapy Room by Cathy Conway (Originally published in the Meier Clinics Newsletter, October 2013)

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The Importance and Impact of Gratitude by Juliet Caceres (Originally published in the Meier Clinics Newsletter, October 2013)

More Than Why image
More Than “Why?” – A New Understanding of Trauma by Jessica Handy


Other documents

LF bib

Immanuel Lifestyle Bibliography


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THE LIFE MODEL resource sheet



Vocab List


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Scriptural Support for Immanuel Prayer


Picture from

Jessie’s Reflections on Scripture (blog)


Immanuel-related songs

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Here’s one great list from a blog
“You Were There” by Avalon